Small Green Vase ‘Reclaimed VI’ by Ellie Burton



Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 x 10 cmWeight: 0.5 kgs


Small Green Vase ‘Reclaimed VI’ by Ellie Burton

This stunning, generously-proportioned small green vase is a unique example of Ellie Burton’s command of both form and colour.

The eye-catching tulip-shaped vase allows the vivid and varying dark green hues to be presented to their fullest effect. The hand-blown quality of the glass is both elegant and accomplished, catching the light to simply gleam.

This individual and stylish small green vase would make the perfect show-stopping centre piece in any room.

The artist, Ellie Burton, has said her inspiration comes from the concept of Mother Nature’s reclamation by of the cityscape, the way that structures created by man are disused and ‘reclaimed’ by the unstoppable forces of nature and the beautiful and unique colours and patterns that emerge from this aqua blue vase as a result.

Small Green Vase Artist

Ellie Burton is a fresh new talent with impressive credentials, specialising in hot glass and glass blowing.

After falling in love with the art of hot glass, Ellie achieved a Foundation Diploma from City of Oxford College and a BA (Hons) degree in Design Craft from De Montfort University.

She also has experience working with one of Europe’s leading glassmaking workshops, based in London. It was there that Ellie learned to hone her craft and develop her flair for using colour, texture and form, producing both commission and gallery pieces. Ellie has also worked with the award-winning Louis Thompson developing a new series of pieces for his latest bespoke lighting project.

Ellie’s range of skills covers disciplines such as glass blowing and mould making, to cold working and CAD design, producing unique pieces from small green vase to lighting.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 9 x 10 cm


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