Fine Art Sculpture ‘Pura’ by Disha Trivedi


Aqua Pura


L: 28cm x D: 28cm x H: 31cm
4 kg

Fine Art Sculpture ‘Pura’ by Disha Trivedi

This fine art sculpture is inspired by the importance and life-giving value of water.  Coming from India, Disha has seen the impact of water crisis, especially in the summers. Her work in inspired by the ancient vessels that were used to store water and other fluids, and were designed to keep the contents naturally cool.

This lovely piece boasts a curvaceous and fulsome bottom in yellow with black diamonds. An elongated slender neck and wide mouth top tops this piece to perfection. ‘Pura’ is a bold and lively glass vessel that will draw admiring looks wherever you put it.

Disha creates and handmakes all her sculptures in her London studio. Each piece is unique and signed by the artist.

Fine Art Sculpture Artist

Disha  Trivedi began her creative career with a BSc in Fashion design. She then went onto complete an MA at the University of Creative Arts, Farnham, with a major in blown glass.

Today, Disha is an active maker, exhibitor and educator of decorative glass art, specialising in hand blown glass sculptures. Her inspiration comes from many places, these include nature, women’s and environmental issues and India. Her many and varied influences result in beautiful, highly decorative and often thought-provoking glass art sculptures.

She is based in London, the UK where she designs and hand-makes all her artwork.

Translating a variety of artistic skills through many solo and collaborative projects, Disha has worked incredibly hard to make a reputable name for herself in the glass art industry. Her work was featured in the Contemporary Glass Society Magazine, CGS graduate glass review. Needless to say, Disha has shown her work, such as this fine art glass sculpture at many exhibitions. These include major UK cities such as London, Oxford and Birmingham. Disha has also exhibited her work in India.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 31 cm


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