Eugene Sandrini – Massif de la St. Baume


French Impressionism

D: 65cm x H: 50cm

Large French Impressionist painting for sale by Eugene Sandrini (1925-1998) entitled “Massif de la St. Baume”

Beautifully, thickly textured impressionist brushwork from this 20th century French painter.

Set in the gorgeous region of Saint Baume in Southern France, this dreamily portrayed vision of a house amid the olive trees is one of the finer impressionist paintings by Sandrini.

We have added some close-up shots so you can see the bold, impressionist brushwork in detail.

A scintillating scene, which captures the shifting light of the afternoon sun perfectly.

Signed by Eugene Sandrini in the corner as Sandrini and titled verso.


Oil painting on Canvas


Sound, with a few very light scuffs and minor ghosting along the crossbeam

Dimensions 65 × 50 cm


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