First Nation Artwork ‘Ganhada Raven’ By Alvin Child


Mighty Bird

L: 59cm x H: 55cm

First Nation Artwork ‘Ganhada Raven’ By Alvin Child

Alvin Child’s First Nation artwork hold mystery and charm.  Ganhada is the name for the Raven  ‘Clan’ in the language of the Tsimshian nation of British Columbia, Canada.  Raven is one of the most important creatures in Northwest Coast mythology and art. The raven portrays a powerful, cultural focus and symbol in many communities.  To the First Nation peoples along the Northwest coast of North America; both as a crest figure, and as a guardian spirit.

This first nation artwork is a limited edition silkscreen print.   Alvin has inspected and signed each copy in the edition.  With all trial copies and printing stencils destroyed.

First Nation Artwork Artist

Alvin Child was born in 1962, on Alert Bay Island off the west coast of Vancouver.  At the age of one, his father passed away and the family moved to Nanaimo, BC.  His mother remarried when Alvin was four to a Ron Child, who placed great emphasis on schooling.

Alvin graduated from BCIT, British Columbia Institute of Technology, with a degree in engineering.  Alvin did not gain his full appreciation of art until a chance meeting with John Livingston in 1984.

Whilst walking in Victorias, Chinatown, Alvin heard the sound of a loud chainsaw, coming from a building within the middle of the city.  With his knock unheard he ventured into the property.  Once inside he saw a guy, John Livingston a master woodcarver.  John was roughing out a design on a totem pole, with a chainsaw.  It turned out Livingston knew Alvin’s mum, and Alvin then spent the next four hours watching the totem pole come alive.   John advised Alvin that if he was interested in wood craving then he should equip himself with some blades.  John then drew out the specifications of the blades, which was the start of a mentorship that lasted nearly 35 years until John’s passing.

Alvin takes great pleasure in the creating and designing side of his work. He has released seven limited edition screenprints, carved several hundred plaques and painted many drums.

Alvin wishes to focus more on creating two-dimensional art.

Dimensions 59 × 55 cm


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