round silver veil perfume bottles
Veil Glass Perfume BottleRound Silver Veil Glass Perfume BottleRound Silver Veil Perfume Bottlesround silver veil perfume bottles

Round Silver Veil Glass Perfume Bottles


Glorious Seascape of Colour



Dimensions (L x W x H): 6 x 6 x 11 cm

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Product Description

Round Silver Veil Glass Perfume Bottles

Rivetingly beautiful Round Silver Veil Glass Perfume Bottles are a feats for the eyes.

Deep surface marbling with a winning combination of electric and deep sky blue are swirled together in this miniature marvel.

As you can see from the photos taken by Boha Glass that the scent bottles really are that stunningly beautiful. What is also wonderful about it is the way is changes colour with the light, giving a different look and feel to the piece almost every second of the day. This will work well in a conservatory or on a window sill sat in the sunshine.

Little lakes of creamy blueness encircle bubbling fissures of sapphire and gold like Murano reinvented.

Truly fascinating, this item will win you a myriad of envious glances from all your friends and family. We wish we could bring you more but there is just a few of these darlings to go round. So please hurry and grab yourself a thing of rare beauty today.

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Glass Perfume Bottle Artist

Robert Burch has been involved in glass blowing since 1971, now focusing his work on glass perfume bottles, vases, sculptures, and paperweights that all incorporate silver veined glass that is delicately patterned into bubbles. With his inspiration coming from nature and his own creative nature, Robert’s work has been on display since 1977.

Burch encountered the art of glass blowing whilst in a trip to North Carolina back in the 1960’s when the art was still relatively new. He fell in love at first sight with glass blowing when he watched it for the very first time in the woods near Penland School of Arts and Crafts.

Originally a potter, Burch went on to learn and teach the art of glass blowing at Goddard College, founding his studio in 1978 in Plainfield where he still lives to this day in a barn that is over 200 years old. Now supplying over 200 shops around the nation, Burch’s business continues to prosper as his intimate relation with glass remains as strong as it did when he first encountered it.

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Dimensions 6 x 6 x 11 cm


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