Abstract Acrylic Painting ‘Andalucian Heat’ by Gail Altschuler


Wonderous Warmth


Abstract Acrylic Painting ‘Andalucian Heat’ by Gail Altschuler

Imagine yourself being transported to the majestic Moorish’ landscape every time you gaze at this resplendent abstract acrylic painting. You can almost feel the warmth of the Andalucian sunshine on your skin!

Gail Altschuler skilfully combines her love of patterns, acrylics and oils to create this splendid piece of abstract art. The bold use of deep red and orange, with splashes of the yellow combine to give the picture ‘heat’.

Inject a warm glow into your living areas, hallway or bedroom when you choose this abstract acrylic painting by Gail Altschuler.

Mixed media acrylic and oils on stretched wooden canvas – 150 x 100x 2cm

Delivery: within 2 days to London, within a week to other UK addresses.

Abstract Acrylic Painting Artist

Gail Altschuler is a highly accomplished London based artist.  She began her art career as a silkscreen printer, printing large, abstract, colourful works on paper. Several hotels and offices have used her prints for their interior design.

Gail now specialises in combining her printmaking techniques with painting. Her methods include layering and adding pattern and compositional elements into abstract images. She has also turned her painting and printing talents to ceramics.

Nature and pattern inspire Gail. Nature from the living world around us and pattern from culture, music, and art. The grid and the weave containing the trees and the woods. A conversation between colours, whispering across the canvas to each other.

Gail has exhibited in several galleries, which have included group and solo exhibitions. She has also worked with interior designers and art consultants in London for many years. Many private, corporate and public collections in South Africa, Europe, the USA, Japan and the UK include her pieces.

Alongside selling her work through galleries, art consultants and exhibitions, Gail also enjoys teaching art to children and adults.


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