Peter Rodulfo – Bouquet


Bountiful Bouquet

L: 56cm x H: 70cm

Peter Rodulfo – Bouquet

At first glance, we are struck by the sumptuous bouquet of flowers in the vase. The bright bold blooms contrast with an intensely dark background. Look a little closer, and you will see a pair of monkeys nestled amongst the foliage and jewel-toned beetles scurrying around the table.

It really is a case of ‘the more you look the more you see’ with this fabulous oil painting by Peter Rudolfo. It will certainly capture your imagination and those of your guests!

Peter Rodulfo

The impressionist artist Peter Rodulfo was born 1958 in Washington DC, USA, but spent much of his early years in India and Australia, before settling in Norfolk, England, where he now lives overlooking the North Sea.

Peter attended Norwich School of art 1975-9 and had his first solo show in London the following year. Peter has continued to exhibit his paintings and sculptures both nationally and internationally, with shows in such diverse locations as Brazil, USA, Switzerland and China.

Dimensions 56 × 70 cm


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