Seascape Oil Painting ‘Sense of Place – Storm No.2’ by Lorna Wilson


Drama At Sea

L: 50cm x D: 4cm x H: 50cm

Seascape Oil Painting ‘Sense of Place – Storm No.2’ by Lorna Wilson

Talented British artist Lorna Wilson creates this magnificent Seascape Oil Painting. Part of the ‘Sense of Place’ series, ‘Storm No.2’ is inspired by the ocean and the continual changes of colour and light of our natural surroundings.

Lorna Wilson skilfully depicts the drama of crashing waves, while maintaining a sense of calm and serenity. This seascape oil painting is another great example of Lorna’s series entitled: ‘Sense of Place – Storm’.

Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas

Signed by the Artist

Seascape Oil Painting Artist

Lorna Wilson is a highly accomplished British artist. She achieved a 1st class BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at Kingston School of Art in Surrey. Then she completed a postgraduate degree in Fine Art at the Royal Academy Schools in London.

Lorna exhibits her work both nationally and internationally. Numerous public, private and corporate collections around the world feature her work.

Notably, her artwork has graced the cover of various publications, including Risk Magazine.She has completed many commissions for projects and individuals worldwide. These include paintings for Ask Restaurants, British Aerospace and a hotel in Saudi Arabia, to name a few.

Lorna’s distinctive style as a talented colourist is evident throughout the body of her work. Her paintings are a combination of intention, intuition and improvisation. She is continuously experimenting with different themes, mediums, glazes and colour palettes. Her most recent paintings – the ongoing series entitled ‘Variations on a Theme – River’ was influenced by the transient nature of the landscape.

Despite their boldness, Lorna’s paintings possess an intrinsically calming and serene quality.

“The ups and downs involved in creating artwork are very challenging. The painting process is akin to solving a big complex puzzle. All the elements have to join together to become the whole. I relish the journey involved in creating my paintings.”

Dimensions 50 × 4 × 50 cm


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