Ysart Glass

paul ysart glass paperweight

Art Glass Creations by Paul Ysart

Paul Ysart’s Paperweights The mark of any great artist is the ability to create pieces which capture not only the eye, but also the imagination; whatever their medium, they are able to transport the viewer off into another world, a new realm of possibilities. Out of all of the Ysart clan, Paul Ysart was likely…

vasart decorative glass ink bottle

Decorative Glass: Ysart Family Paperweights

No series on the Ysart family would be complete without a chapter on their contribution to the history of Scottish paperweights. While the Vasart team and Paul Ysart (who by this era was estranged from his father and brothers, having remained at Moncrieff Glassworks) had vastly different outlooks on paperweights, each branch of the Ysart…

hand crafted glass vasart vase

Hand Crafted Glass: Ysart’s Vasart Years

The small but passionate segment of the antique art glass community who become devoted collectors of Monart glass soon run into a perplexing phenomenon: Many of the “lookalikes” that pass for Monart glass are not in fact modern fakes, but are instead the work of the same family responsible for creating the pieces Moncrieff glassworks…

rare Monart handmade art glass vase

Handmade Art Glass: Monart Glass

Monart Glass: Designs and Production Techniques The designs used for Monart glass pieces are, by and large, typical of the handmade art glass of the era; what truly sets Monart apart from its contemporaries is its use of colour. Monart glass is, for example, much loved by collectors for the distinctive iridising of the white…

Modern Glass Art Monart glass label

Modern Glass Art: Ysart’s Monart Years

Monart glass has, in recent years, finally begun to garner some much-deserved attention on the antique market, with rare pieces fetching as much as £2000 at auction. While this trend reflects an overall growth of interest in, and appreciation for, Scotland’s plentiful contribution to modern glass art, many Scottish glassworks still remain shrouded in great…

art glass makers ysart

Art Glass Makers: The Ysart Family’s Early Years

Salvador Ysart, patriarch of the famous Ysart clan of Scottish art glass makers, was born Salvador Isart in Barcelona, Spain, on the 30th of January in 1875. While Salvador was the son of a glass maker (it was actually his mother, not his father, who worked with glass—she was employed in finishing glass pieces), he…

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