Saskia Skoric

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Saskia Skoric was named after the wife of the great painter Rembrandt. It soon became clear there was more to the connection than just the name when Saskia showed considerable flair for art from a tender age. Her passion for art continued, and she successfully completed an art foundation course at Maidstone College of Art.

Over the years, Saskia has explored a range of subjects, to produce some beautiful family portraits, animal/pet paintings and landscapes. As well as producing work from her own inspiration, Saskia has had many successful commissions. She works closely with her customers to develop their ideas to produce some stunning and bespoke artwork.

Today, Saskia Skoric chooses to express herself using the technique of “finger painting” with oils. She loves the feeling of applying the oils straight to the canvas with just her fingers. “It’s an extremely sensual process”, says Saskia “and it gives me a deep connection with every piece of work. I feel that I have the freedom to fully express myself in a way I never could with paintbrushes”. Using this technique Saskia is able to produce paintings that have a movement and vibrancy that bring them to life.

Saskia’s enthusiasm for art is continually leading her to explore new ideas and ways to achieve excellence in her paintings.

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