Adam Jablonski

Adam Jablonski was born in Wilczkowice, Poland on April 29, 1936.

He is an art glass artist and certified glass technologist with a diploma in glass technology who has been working with glass since 1952.

Adam Jablonski has earned a worldwide reputation for both unique glass artistry and as an eminent crystal glass production engineer with many patents to his name.

In 2000, in one of the last Adam Jablonski patents approved by the Polish Patent Office, the inventor combines two diametrically opposing mediums together into one artistic process: glass and metal.

The innovative technology, developed by Adam Jablonski personally, introduces delicate metal threads into liquid molten crystal glass. In that way, not only a new form but also unknown, magical glass and metal structure is created.

Glassware is thus formed by applying consecutive layers with metal threads, which not only strengthens the glass structure but enlivens the surface which produces stunning light reflections not seen in other glass products.

Signed Adam Jablonski Art Glass Crystal Bowl

Adam Jablonski Art Glass Studio

His glass studio in Wolka Kowsowska, Poland produces mouth blown art glass vases, sculptures, glass ornaments, bowls and paperweights in 24% lead crystal and each piece is hand etched by Jablonski himself.

Adam Jablonski built a furnace for glass making according to a design he produced himself and has trained many new glass makers in its use.

The Studio has helped satisfy the worldwide demand for art glass products in a cornucopia of colours, by using a variety of techniques to create every conceivable colour that was required.

If there wasn’t a technique already invented then Adam Jablonski would usually find his own way of creating it, and by the time he had perfected his craft he could make any composition in whatever colour, or combination of colours, desired.

Jablonski imposes high standards and demanding requirements on his products and is said to only get satisfaction from his work when it is overly difficult to produce or highly innovative.

Original glass pieces signed by Adam Jablonski  are still highly popular worldwide and there are still a few shops that have new stock of his work.

In its heyday the Jablonski studio was exporting glassware to 18 countries worldwide, including countries with well established glass making industries of their own, such as Scandinavia,Italy, USA, France, Canada and China.

The high quality of his glass artistry meant that Adam Jablonski was invited to all the most prestigious glass exhibitions around the world and won many awards.

He has won 12 gold medal awards in both national and international exhibitions and the distinguished golden service cross presented to him personally by the President of Poland.

From all the accolades he has received over the years, the one he is most proud of was an invitation to the world famous Corning Glass Museum in America, which also bought a large collection of his glass compositions.

Jablonski is the only former Eastern Block artist whose compositions can be found in this internationally renowned collection of unique art glass.

His glass compositions can also be found in the glass collections of wealthy people worldwide, and the Presidentt of Poland would often present visiting dignitaries with Jablonski Glass as examples of the pinnacle of Polish Artwork.

Prime Ministers, Presidents and Kings, from Sweden and Spain to France, America and Russia have been presented with fine glass masterpieces and his work can be found in the finest galleries and personal collections across the globe.

Adam Jablonski has now retired and sold his Glass studio.

You can view some of the very last few pieces of Adam Jablonsk glass work for sale here. Once this is sold we will not be able to get any more Adam Jablonski glass.

9 thoughts on “Adam Jablonski”

  1. I have a large beautiful glass apple signed and stamped Adam Jablonski. I was hoping to find more info on this piece. When it was made, what its value is. Can you point me in the right direction? I cant seem to find anything.

    1. Hi Jen. Sorry we can’t help with valuations, but we still have a few NEW Adam Jablonski pieces that we bought from his glass studio before he retired. Do take a look!

  2. I found a signed AJ blue tear drop controlled bubble paperweight today at an antique store in Forsyth, Ga. It’s so beautiful.

  3. In the mid 1980s, I was in Warsaw,where Adam Jablonski had a shop. I managed to buy several examples of his work, mainly vases. They are unlike any work of other artisans I have seen aand my wife and I love them.

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