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Handmade and Unique Glass Art Gifts

Christmas is a time of joyous celebration and a time to reflect on the year gone by. For many, it is a time to wind down and spend time with our loved ones. There are many ways in which we can express our love and appreciation for those we cherish. A kind word, a delicious meal, and as is tradition, a thoughtful gift. Of course, there are many lovely gifts already in the shops; however, commercialised gifts are not the right fit for everyone. So for those of you who prefer to buy something unique,  handmade glass art gifts certainly make for wonderful, timeless presents.

There are many wonderful glass artists here in the UK and across the globe. We are very proud to showcase the work of so many talented glass artists here at Boha. Handmade and unique glass art certainly adds that special something to any room. Another great thing about unique handmade art glass gifts is that they hold their value and no one else will have something exactly like that anywhere. Whether you are looking for glass art gifts for a special occasion, or to simply elevate your decor, we invite you to feast your eyes on some of the amazing glass artworks we have here

If, however, you’re short on time we highlight a small selection of lovely pieces below.  These will make lovely gifts for those special gentlemen or ladies in your life.  

Glass Art Gifts  – Perfume Bottles for Her

Peter Layton – Glass supremo Peter Layton heads up one of the most famous glass art studios in the UK and is considered by many as the ‘Godfather’ of British studio glass.

Peter’s bold use of colour in his glass art pieces has captivated audiences across the world. In particular, his glass art perfume bottles have enduring appeal.

To see more of Peter’s ‘lusted after’ and collectable artworks click here.

Sanders & Wallace – The artists Andrew Sanders & David Wallace met in Stoke on Trent in 1974. They soon discovered a common interest in working with hot glass and set up Sanders & Wallace Glass. Their art deco style has many fans and their glass perfume bottles are incredibly popular.

Thomas Petit – Thomas makes beautiful handblown glass art inspired by the natural world, in particular the rugged coastline and landscapes of the Sussex. His perfume bottles make a sleek and elegant addition to the dressing table or other display.

Glass Art Gifts – Glass Sculptures for Him

Remigijus Kriukas – Remi is well known for being highly innovative in the glass world. His work is sumptuous and gloriously decadent,  adding class to any room. Some of his works are completely unfathomable and nobody knows how he makes them! Well-chosen deep hues and metallic styling have made him a popular glass artist with men.

Barbara Kenneally –  Barbara’s sculptures are incredibly arresting and dramatic. She uses rocks from disused copper mines to make the moulds for her glass sculptures with a palette influenced by her photography.  Her glass sculptures have one highly polished surface that enables the viewer to look inside. A great gift for men, or anyone in fact, who love rugged abstract glass art.

Graeme Hawes –  Graeme’s glass art is perfect to accentuate the interior décor of contemporary homes, offices or hotels. Although not specifically designed with men in mind, we think the pieces below have a masculine edge and would make a great gift for the man in your life. Perfect for display on a desk or shelf in the or home or office.

Imogen Davis – Imogen’s work captures the fragility and beauty of nature.  Contrasting organic form with clean-cut facets forms the basis of her work. The gorgeous curves and smoky interior of her pieces are hit with men and women alike.

Christmas wishes and a discount from Boha 

Everyone here at Boha is extra excited about the coming Christmas, especially as we were all under restrictions last year. We wish you all a wonderful time and hope you have enjoyed this article as well as browsing through our gallery. If something does catch your eye, please use this voucher code, CHRISTMAS 2021 – to enjoy a 10% discount (available until the end of the year).

Wishing you a very merry Christmas. We hope life returns to normal and that the holidays are joyous and full of love, laughter and happiness!

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