Crystal Vases

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Europe’s finest Crystal vases perfectly made from 24 percent Lead Crystal
Crystal Vases are as popular today as they have ever been with their brilliant mirroring of light and heady good looks.
With a crystal vase there is so much variety; you can choose from clear, finely cut or etched and they come in clear or a range of vibrant colours and sizes. Choose from Large Art Glass Vases to beautifully delicate Petite Glass Vases.
Boha have brought an eclectic array of fine Crystal for your delectation and have been to the best Glass makers in all of Europe.
Crystal vases provide great reflections and draw extra light into a room, providing extra radiance and adding elegance.
All our Crystal glass is fully 24% pure and made by expert artisans with superb reputations.
Sophistication – Luminosity – Clarity – the trademarks of fine Crystal Vases.