Decorative Crystal Bowl by Adam Jablonski


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Dazzling Polish Glass Crystal Jablonski Bowls

L: 47cm x D: 14cm x H: 15cm
3.5 kg

Decorative Crystal Bowl by Adam Jablonski

This is the very last one of the Decorative Crystal Bowl by Adam Jablonski to ever be made.

Decorative Crystal Bowl was one of the last pieces handmade by Adam Jablonski before he retired and closed his studio.

A subtle, yet eclectic mix of colours finely embedded within superb Polish glass crystal.

The glass bowl shimmers in even the lowest of light and sets the room ablaze with dancing light beams.

This amazing bowl is perfect for your home and will make a great centrepiece!

We will not be able to replace this item or any other items of Adam Jablonski artwork and it will also continue to steadily rise in value as it is an irreplaceable piece of Polish Glass history.

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Decorative Crystal Bowl Artist

Artists become influential and revered when they create something that is new and exciting, which explains why Adam Jablonski is held in such high regard by his peers. Glass art has been around for centuries, yet Mr. Jablonski was able to find a way to embrace the old style, whilst also coming up with new techniques that took his creations to all new levels of beauty.

Building his own furnace and employing threads of metal in his creations gave his work a look that was totally unique from anything that had come before. So outstanding is his work, Polish presidents would often ask him to commission a piece for visiting world leaders and dignitaries. It was perhaps this, as well as his work being displayed in the world’s biggest galleries, that helped make Jablonski such a renowned figure in the art community.

Some of his flower vases are so gorgeous that to put petals anywhere near them would detract from their beauty!

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 14 × 15 cm


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