Round Glass Bowls by Gregg Anston-Rice


Perfectly Polished Bowls


L: 17cm x H: 17cm

Round Glass Bowls by Gregg Anston-Rice

Exquisite round glass bowls from the masterful hands of Gregg Anston-Rice. Available in two beguiling colour schemes: Pink& White or Red & Black. Each one is shaped and polished to perfection, with the love and attention we admire in this fine artist.

Whether you are an interior designer looking for art glass to compliment your design or are looking for a gift for birthdays or Christmas, then these are a great purchase. Or, why not treat yourself?

Delightful, mesmerising, and captivating each of these round glass bowls would be a pleasure to own.

Round Glass Bowls Artist

Gregg Anston-Race was born in Truro and has lived all his life in Cornwall. He grew up exploring the old mines, the coast and the moors. He finds inspiration for his art from the rugged coastline of the area and its history of mining. Gregg established Craft Fusion Studio in 2005. His large glass vessels and other work have been on display from Penzance to Inverness. He has also commissioned many works for businesses and private clients.

Gregg’s work started out with coloured glass, elements of mineral foils being added to his work later on. His inspiration for adding mineral foils came once again from the old mines of Cornwall and the metal ore deposits he found there. Once he had exhausted this medium, Gregg developed more new techniques. He now works mostly with coloured glass powder to produce vibrant and organic artwork.

Gregg’s work has grown in variety through his experimentation. He creates unusual and unique textures in his glass art. His works include coaster, bowls, free-standing sculptures, and splashbacks and interiors. At his Craft Fusion Studio, Gregg makes individual and bespoke pieces of art. He has commissioned many splashbacks and unique statements for private and commercial premises.

Dimensions 17 × 17 cm



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