Tall Glass Bowls ‘King Tut’ by Adam Jablonski


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Delightful Tall Glass Jablonski Bowls

L: 22cm x D: 22cm x H: 36cm
4.5 kg

Tall Glass Bowls ‘King Tut’ by Adam Jablonski

Tall Glass Bowls – Superb exquisite glass bowls by Adam Jablonski the  No.1 Polish Glass Artist (now retired).

This particular piece is made of bold and vibrant glass crystal with lacing of deep blue and amber around the contours.

It certainly has presence and makes a great table centrepiece for the living room.

These tall glass vases are strong and powerfully built and made from beautiful crystal.

Polish Glass crystal is world famous for its dazzling reflections and this item is no exception.

With great clarity and an enviable brilliance, this piece will work wonders in any room or office.

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Tall Glass Bowls’ Artist

Adam Jablonski is a worldwide phenomenon.

Having won 12 gold stars for his exceptional glass artwork that were presented to him by the Polish President he went on to have his work exhibited at the United States Corning Glass Museum; the first former Communist Eastern Bloc artist to have their work exhibited there. This accolade is the thing that Adam Jablonski was most proud of.

His work has won admirers across the world and his glass can be found in some of the finest art glass collections across Europe.

Visiting Kings, Sheikhs, Presidents and other dignitaries visiting Poland were presented with pieces of Art Glass made by Adam Jablonski to showcase the great artistry of Polish Glass artists.

Not only is Jablonski a well respected international glass artist but he is also a highly adept glass technician with numerous patents under his name.

He invented the glass / metal infusion where threads of metal are mixed with molten glass to produce a glass with amazing reflective qualities.

Now that Jablonski is retired he will be sorely missed on the international glass scene as he has been a stalwart of the industry for many decades.

These Tall Glass Bowls are some of the last pieces he ever produced.

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 36 cm


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