Wide Glass Bowl by Adam Jablonski


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L: 37cm x D: 11cm x H: 23cm
3 kg

Wide Glass Bowl by Adam Jablonski

This Jablonski Wide Glass Bowl is the very last one handmade by renowned world class artist Adam Jablonski.

He has since retired an his studio is now closed.

This decorative glass bowl is both tall and wide with an elegant and refined look. This bowl is very elegant and will be perfect for your home.

Purples and green are weaved together in this pure Polish Glass Crystal piece.

This could be your last chance to buy a genuine NEW piece of the finest Jablonski Crystal.  Art Collectors across the globe are snapping up art in all its forms, including this wide glass bowl. With banks paying zip and art appreciating by a good percentage each year it is a much wiser investment than many other things. The prices of his art glass items are rising fast so own a beautiful piece of glass safe in the knowledge that it is a good long term investment too.

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Wide Glass Bowl Artist

Adam Jablonski is a worldwide phenomenon.When creating art, the artist is often limited in what they can do by the materials that are available to them. They are often unable to fully deliver what they see in the mind’s eye, which makes many of them strive to find ways to overcome those limitations. That is exactly what Adam Jablonski did throughout his storied 50 plus year career.

Adam Jablonski started in glass art back in 1952, going on to build his own furnace and develop new techniques that made it easier for him to create the pieces that he saw in his mind. His unique vision helped him deliver a huge catalogue of pieces that are in demand by galleries and collectors the world over, all of whom want to experience a little of that vision.

His legend lives on at Boha Glass until all the new glass like this wide glass bowl are sold. We are not keeping any stock back.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 11 × 23 cm


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