Wavy Bowls ‘Cirfunkerance’ By Stuart Akroyd



Decadence personified


Large: L46cm x W 46cm x H 14cm
Small : L30cm x W30cm x H 14cm

Wavy Bowls ‘Cirfunkerance’ By Stuart Akroyd

Beautiful, undulating wavy bowls from the exceptionally skilled hands of Stuart Akroyd.

The edge of the bowl meanders up and down in a wavelike pattern and draws the eye in. Turn it upside down and you almost have a hat for Ascot.

A sumptuous piece that will really blossom in a well lit, dark coloured or wood panelled room.

Rich, organic colours and a swirl of hand-etched dots that stretch unto an oval shape during the heating. The oval dots are embedded in the amber later, which is encircled in a second tone of grey glass, and fused together to seamless perfection.

These wavy bowls are made using an adapted Venetian encalmo technique, after making the component parts, the glass is reheated the pieces are then picked up and blown to form the bowl. The whole process takes place over a 3 day period.

Please Note: All images are studio shots and actual pieces will have slight variations in colour vibrancy due to lighting techniques and screen display resolutions. All pieces shown are transparent colours and not etched.

Wavy Bowls Designer

Stuart Akroyd glass designer is an award-winning, UK based studio glass designer, who has been designing and making inspirational art glass for over 30 years.
His own inspiration comes from absorbing the world around him and sketching out initial ideas. He then begins experimentation with hot glass, before finally refining the concept into a finished piece.

3 decades prior, Stuart began his journey into glass with a BA (hons) course at Sunderland University, before fine-tuning his talent at the International Glass Centre, Brierley Hill as part of his Post Graduate Diploma.

After working as head maker for an established glassmaker, Stuart decided to forge his own path, and set up his own Stuart Akroyd glass studio.

Business took off and Stuart became a well-established figure in the UK glass community. He wanted to design larger sculptural pieces so he moved to a much larger glass studio in Nottingham. This larger studio gave him the space to really explore his art and produce more radical works of art glass.

Stuart Akroyd glass works like these wavy bowls are instantly identifiable, utilising organic shapes and vibrant colours. After the constraints of being an employed glassmaker, Stuart wanted to: “create forms with asymmetry and a unique vibrancy.”

Stuart is regularly involved with selection panels and also won the Design Factory International Excellence Award in 2015. He was selected to exhibit with the Crafts Council at Design Days Dubai in 2016 and 2017.

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