Brown Glass Vase by Marian Pyrcak


Coffee Vase
N.B. These pieces come directly from the artist’s studio in  Poland. Please allow at least 14 working days for delivery.

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H: 26cm
3.5 kg

Brown Glass Vase by Marian Pyrcak

This modern  Brown Glass Vase is a deviant to its class.  The hole through the body of the vase presents a different dimension, almost handle like.  The strong solemn brown, dilutes down the base of the vase, to a warm caramel hue.

The brown glass vase is an unassuming piece, that draws the admirer towards its warm rich tones.  Pyrcak individually signs all his work.

This image is an example of one of the series. Each piece is unique and personally signed by Marian, as with all of his work.

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Brown Glass Vase Artist

Marian Pyrcak is one of Poland’s leading glass artisans and his work is of the highest order. He has experimented with many different techniques that perfected the craft of hand-blown glass. Making stunning and opulent glass art. His skill and artistry have won him, admirers, from all over the world.

Marian has been working with glass for over 40 years now and he came through Poland’s Communist-era unscathed as the Communists did not see the glass making industry as any kind of threat.

He set up his own studio in the late seventies, producing a superb range of glass ornaments ever since. The expert finish and his well-guarded secret lead crystal formula give his items a reflective quality that surpasses many of the best pieces of European Glass crystal.

His work is sought after both in Europe and the US. His work has also taken off in Asia, which is developing a taste in fine home decor.

Boha Glass always seek out the finest glass artists, selecting the very best pieces to display in our gallery.  Marian makes a worthy addition to our luxury art glass shop and we feel privileged to showcase his work

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 26 cm


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