Light Green Vase ‘Reclaimed V’ By Ellie Burton


Nature reclaims the streets


Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 x 9 x 11 cmWeight: 0.5 kgs


Light Green Vase Reclaimed V’ By Ellie Burton

This spectacular light green vase really conjures the imagination, bold green and black marks deep within the glass speak fronds of grass making their mark amid the graffiti and street art, the glorious vibrant green interior of the vase glowing all the way through to the surface provides a backdrop which underscores the power of nature to fight back against the asphalt.

The artist, Ellie Burton, has said her inspiration comes from the fascinating concept of reclamation by Mother Nature of urban sprawl, the way that structures created by man are disused and ‘reclaimed’ by the unstoppable forces of nature and the beautiful and unique colours and patterns that emerge from this light green vase as a result.

Light Green Vase Artist

Ellie Burton is an exciting, emerging talent specialising in hot glass and glass blowing.

Educated at King Alfred’s Academy and Oxford College, then going on to graduate from De-Montfort University in 2017, she has continued to exhibit regularly; delighting patrons with her stunning designs.

Ellie started exhibiting whilst still completing her design craft degree, gaining experience at prestigious, award winning glass studio and lighting designers, Rothschild and Bickers in Hertfordshire, and London Glassblowing in central London with the highly respected and sought-after glass artist Louis Thompson.

Ellie is fascinated with the elemental, fluid nature of hot glass and sees beauty in the challenging process of creating her art, controlling and yet allowing the raw materials to contribute to the final piece.

The differing effects of colour are another passion, Ellie has experimented extensively with many techniques to impart glorious, layered colours throughout her body of work, such as this light green vase. The effect the colours have on the final form of the piece being the most fascinating part of the process for Burton.

As an Arts and Crafts Design Awards Certificate of Excellence winner in 2017, Ellie is beginning to expand her reach, and gain some much-deserved recognition in her field, her stunning, forward-thinking and fresh designs certainly showcase her skill and innate talent.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 11 cm


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