Tall Glass Vase ‘Flouro’ by Glass Studio Jablonski


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Neon Beauty

L: 30cm x D: 9cm x H: 45cm
4 kg

Tall Glass Vase ‘Flouro’ by Glass Studio Jablonski

Flouro Tall Glass vase has a stunning neon coloured flute that works magically with the solid 24% Lead crystal it is made from.

Even in the lowest of unnatural light the eyelets really pour out the reflective light in all directions. The effect is even more dramatic when the glass vase is put on the window sill in a conservatory.

The base is a void encircled with chocolate colouring. This warm chocolate portion helps balance the cool blue and hot pint that twirls around the tall glass vase eyelets at the top.

For more chocolate coloured glass please click on the link and you will be taken to our brown glass ornaments section.

Tall Glass Vase Artist

Adam Jablonski was born in April of 1936, starting out in glass making by creating his very own furnace. His career spanned nearly half a decade and his art work can be seen all over the globe.

His unique pieces that include glass combined with metal are displayed in collection worldwide and many of his masterpieces have been bought by royalty. Awarded 12 gold stars by the presidents of Poland, Jablonski was the first artist from the Eastern block to see his work displayed in the world famous Corning museum in the USA.

From a humble beginning, Jablonski went on to patent many of his creations and he found making glass in any conceivable colour a passion that would live on in his blood for almost 50 years. Having met many of the Presidents worldwide as well as members of royalty, Jablonski‘s work is highly sought after all over the globe.

The price of Jablonski’s Art Glass has gone up even more now that his studio is closed and the last pieces of art glass have cooled on the bench and been sold at market.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 9 × 45 cm


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