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Wedding Anniversary Gifts: The Timeless Beauty of Art Glass

Recently we have noticed that more of our glass ornaments are being bought as Wedding Anniversary Gifts. For example, here is a recent review from one of our customers:

“Ruby red twisted glass. I have bought this for my husband as it is our ruby wedding coming up. I saw it online and took a couple of months to decide whether to buy or not. Would it look as good as in the photo? I have just unwrapped it and WOW I am delighted. It is a stunning piece and will remind us, hopefully for many years to come, of our ruby celebrations. Thank you.”

wedding anniversary giftsIt got us to thinking about anniversaries and how quickly a year’s marriage becomes five, six years flies by and then 10 soon becomes a distant memory.

When you walk down the street and see an elderly couple, you wonder how long they have been married, what is their secret recipe and what trials and tribulations they have been through.

We have only been married 6 years this month, so I shall have to buy my ‘Sugar’ something nice. My secret is that I always get the last word in, though usually it’s ‘Yes Dear’!

If you are looking for wedding anniversary gifts, we have compiled a list of ones that seem to match with products in our store. Having said that, you could choose any one of our art glass pieces and we are sure the recipient will be delighted – not that we are biased 🙂


Here is a list of British Wedding Anniversaries and their accompanying material or gem, accompanied with a link to glass pieces we think are a good fit:

1st – Cotton

2nd – Paper

3rd – Leather

4th – Flowers, Fruit

5th – Wood

6th – Sugar

7th – Wool, Copper

8th – Bronze, Pottery, Salt

9th – Willow, Pottery, Copper

10th – Tin

11th – Steel (for Him)

12th – Silk, Linen

13th – Lace

14th –  Ivory

15th – Crystal

20th – China

25th – Silver

See Carl Radke’s beautiful collection of Art Deco Perfume Bottles – they are all made with pure silver.

30th – Pearl

35th – Coral

40th – Ruby (for Him) (for Him)

45th – Sapphire

50th – Gold

55th – Emerald (for Him)

60th – Diamond

65th – Blue Sapphire

70th – Platinum

75th – Diamond and Gold.

On your 75th Wedding Anniversary you receive a Telegram from the Queen. The 75th used to be known as the Diamond Anniversary, but the Diamond was changed to the 60th in recognition of Queen Victoria’s 60 Years on the throne – her Diamond Jubilee.

In fact, you actually receive a card and a personalised message from the Queen on your 60th, 65th, and 70th wedding anniversary and every year thereafter.

We still have a long way to go. It will probably be King William who sends our first personalised Royal Message!





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