Bohemian Glass Crystal Vases

New Bohemian Crystal Vases

Bohemian Crystal vases, direct from the Bohemian Highlands, have arrived in time for Christmas.

Boha Glass is proud to announce that we are now UK stockists of these unique handmade Flashing 24% Lead Crystal vases, and they will become a firm favourite of fine glass buyers all over the UK.

This is our first foray into Bohemian Crystal vases, but when we saw the workmanship of these pieces, we couldn’t resist.

They are so finely cut that they catch the light from almost every angle imaginable and literally light up the room.

In fact, these pieces of objet d’art are so dazzling, that you’ll not want to put flowers anywhere near them.

Bohemian Crystal Vases

Bohemian Crystal Vases Heritage

These superb items originate from a Bohemian Crystal Company, which encapsulates a glass crystal-making tradition that dates back to the mid-19th century in the Moravian and Bohemian hinterlands.

The skilled artisans make these wonderful items by joining layers of clear crystal glass together with colourful Bohemian crystal at temperatures around 800 degrees Celsius. This production process is exceptionally difficult, and only the very best, highly skilled glassmakers are able to produce this Bohemian Crystal.

It is such a demanding feat that no glass factory has been able to copy the process using machines, as the whole fabrication process is fraught with difficulties. Even today, in the era of high technology, it remains firmly a handmade glass craft.

Each luxurious item carries the Bohemian label of authenticity and lives up to the highest levels of what we have come to expect from Bohemian Crystal vases.

We have managed to secure just a few pieces at this time, but we will endeavour to bring more of these enchanting pieces to our online store in the very near future.

If you are interested in doing business in the Czech Republic, you will find that the British Consulate in Prague is a good place to start.

Normally, we try to bring you unique pieces that are worked on by one artist, whereas these pieces are worked on by both glassblowers and glass cutters. So, uniquely at Boha Glass, there is a group of fantastic craftspeople who work together as a collective to produce these stunning Bohemian Crystal Vases.

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