Glass Crystal Bowl by Adam Jablonski


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Sparkling Glass Crystal Jablonski Bowls

L: 50cm x D: 13cm x H: 12cm
3 kg

Glass Crystal Bowl by Adam Jablonski

Glass Crystal Bowl  by Jablonski has fantastic light reflective qualities.

The last three produced before the artist retired, each one is handmade and personally signed by the artist himself.

With subtle emerald green and amethyst detailing these items are opulent yet understated.

Decadent with a refined elongated shape, Jablonski Glass can be found in superior glass collections around the globe.

These are the last items we have and they will not be replaced as the Jablonski Glass Studio has finally closed its doors after many decades producing world-class glass.

Please Note: All products are handblown and will be slightly different from the photo.

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Glass Crystal Bowl Artist

No art collection can be considered complete if a specific artist who was deemed an innovator does not have a piece in that collection. That is why any glass art collection simply wouldn’t be all it could be if it did not contain a piece created by Polish artist Adam Jablonski. Not only did he create beautiful works of glass art, he also invented many of the techniques used during the creation process.

Adam won 12 Gold Medals and many awards for his amazing glass work, including the golden service cross which was personally presented to him by the Polish President

His work is now found in the collections of kings and world leaders, many of whom will be clamouring to get their hands on one of the last pieces made by the artist, who finally retired back in 2010.

Adam Jablonski glass was shown in Corning Museum of Glass and around the world.  Adam Jablonski glass can be found in the collections of Kings, Prime Ministers and Presidents in Spain, Sweden, Russia, France, and the USA.

For more of his stunning handblown glass artistry please follow the link where you will find more glass crystal bowl examples and much more besides.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 13 × 12 cm


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