Tall Glass Bowl by Adam Jablonski


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Rhubarb Black Tall Glass Bowls by Jablonski

L: 27cm x D: 23cm x H: 34cm
5 kg

Tall Glass Bowl by Adam Jablonski

Tall Glass Bowl by Polish craftsman Adam Jablonski (now retired).

The last rhubarb pink and black tall glass bowls by the world-renowned Adam Jablonski will be perfect for your home. These tall glass vases are strong and powerfully built and made from beautiful lead crystal. Polish Glass crystal is world-famous for its dazzling reflections and this item is no exception.

With the studio now closed, we can never replace Adam Jablonski’s stock.

After these last few pieces are sold the Jablonski Art Glass market will be purely second-hand.

This is a great opportunity to own some brand NEW Jablonski.

The prices of his art glass items are rising fast so own a beautiful piece of glass safe in the knowledge that it is a good long term investment too.

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Tall Glass Bowl Artist

It is common for visiting kings, queens, and world leaders to be presented with something that represents the beauty and culture of the land they visit. In the case of Poland, it was the glass art of Adam Jablonski that has so often served as the gift given to those esteemed visitors. It is obvious why prime ministers of Poland, past and present, have been so inspired to pass on that wonderful gift.

Adam Jablonski started in glass art in 1952, and in the years that followed, he created new techniques that helped him create pieces that were beautiful to the eye of every beholder. The 12 gold stars he has received over the years, as well as the worldwide acclaim, show just how appreciative the art community of the world is to have been privy to that work.

A true master of the art of handmade glass.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 23 × 34 cm


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