Blown Glass Platter ‘Scylla’ by Adam Jablonski


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A Glass Melody

L: 28cm x D: 25cm x H: 5cm
1.5 kg

Blown Glass Platter ‘Scylla’ by Adam Jablonski

The Scylla Blown Glass Platter is a striking piece of crystal glass with lovely filigree lines within the glass platter.

In soft pink with a petal shape rim, it looks almost musical, as if those lines within it should be full of notes and melodies.

You get a completely different piece of art glass depending on whether you have it on a sunny window sill or as a centrepiece in a room without full sunlight. It shimmers and glistens in the sun and also glows and twinkles in the artificial light of a dining room or lounge.

Pretty, peppy and vivacious, this blown glass platter will deliver a great look wherever you decide to place it in your home.

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Blown Glass Platter Artist

Glass is one of the cheapest, most common materials the world over. We break a piece of glass and think nothing of it, but the worth and value of glass changes when it is put in the hands of a master artist. You need only look at the incredible work of Adam Jablonski to see how a material that is so common can become something truly wonderful when skilled hands are allowed to go to work on it. Colour and stunning clarity are just a couple of the details that jump out at you when you view a piece created by the Polish born artist, like this blown glass platter. It is fair to say that his almost 50 years’ of experience is truly reflected in every piece of glass art that he created throughout his illustrious career.

You can view all of the pieces of Jablonski Studio Glass we have in stock by clicking on the link provided. We have tried to obtain more but it has proved very difficult.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 5 cm


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