Fused Glass Plates ‘ColourWave – Tropical Breeze’ by Helena Ross


Hot Tropics

L: 30.2cm x D: 9.2cm x H: 2.8cm

Fused Glass Plates ‘ColourWave – Tropical Breeze’ by Helena Ross

The colours for Helena’s lively fused glass plates were inspired by those found in the tropics.  The flowers and fruits, and lazy days in the sun.  Maybe there is a macaw calling in the distance!

Kiln-formed glass art in a short boat shape that curves up at the corners. Suitable as a centrepiece for a table or as a focus feature for a room.  They will also fit neatly on most window sills to catch the outside light.

This piece is hand-finished to round all edges with a matt sandblasted top and underneath surface that is smooth to touch.

These fused glass plates are for decorative use only.

Fused Glass Plates ColorWave Artist

Helena Ross graduated from Swansea Institute in 2004 with a BA (Hons) degree in Architectural Glass. She has a keen interest in graphic design and colour harmonies and contrasts. Therefore, her large-scale work used bold designs combined with intricate detail. The joy of working with colour in stained glass inspired Helena to explore ways of achieving the same in smaller pieces of decorative kiln-formed glass.

Helana created her novel “ColourWave” design technique, following a course she took with artist Richard Parrish. Her current work uses this design. Helena explores the use of fine stripe textures to form larger-scale drifts of colour. She creates blends of colours by using thin rods of coloured glass. By restricting the palette, smoothly-controlled colour transitions are generated even when using strong colour contrasts between adjacent elements. Objects that appear to have smooth colours from a distance show their true lively nature close up.

With over 15 years’ experience in the design and technical control of glass processes, she produces a range of glass pieces, like this art glass plate,  using this approach.

“Glass is a wonderful medium, and I hope my works shows a novel way of using it to make a wide variety of attractive colour pieces. I enjoy the challenges of developing effective and sometimes unusual colour blends, followed by the crafting of the end product, armed with glass cutters, a kiln, and shaping and finishing tools”.

Dimensions 30.2 × 9.2 × 2.8 cm


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