Purple Glass Platter ‘Patchouli’ by Adam Jablonski


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Great for centrepieces

L: 29cm x D: 26cm x H: 4cm
1.5 kg

Purple Glass Platter ‘Patchouli’ by Adam Jablonski

Patchouli Purple Glass Platter looks great in sunlight or house light and will give a different look dependent on which setting it is displayed, making it very versatile.

The real warmth of the piece comes out inside under unnatural light on a white tablecloth where it looks absolutely stunning. Inside it develops a creamier look to it and becomes much softer.

As it is verging on being a bowl as well we have put it in both the glass platter and glass bowl section. It is entirely up to you whether you store fruit in it or serve sandwiches and cakes from it. Or perhaps, leave the purple glass platter as is to make a great centre piece for your dining table.

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Purple Glass Platter Artist

When you think of the use of colour in the art world, your mind tends to turn to the medium of paint. One man that has been able to create art glass in as many varied colours as all the shades of paint is Adam Jablonski. A skilled glass maker, Studio Jablonski created new techniques that added colours and styles that had never before been seen in the world of glass art. It is why his work is considered to be among the greatest ever produced, and how art lovers are able to almost immediately recognise a piece that has been made by the master craftsman. Unfortunately, there will be no new pieces coming now that he has retired, but we can still revel in the beauty of what went before.

Boha Glass have been lucky enough to secure the last few items made by this great glass master craftsman and are slowly cataloguing them and adding them to the site. Although prices have shot up since his retirement, we are still selling our pieces like this purple glass platter, at our usual margin.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 26 × 4 cm


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