Blown Glass Vessels ‘Marrakech Ovoid’by Peter Layton


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Intense Blue

L: 17cm x D: 11cm x H: 11cm
1.2 kg

Blown Glass Vessels ‘Marrakech Ovoid’ by Peter Layton

Blown glass vessels from the ‘Marrakech’ series are outstanding examples of the quality of Peter Layton’s work. Inspired by the Jardin Majorelle. This garden was designed by the French artist, Jacques Majorelle and is a living work of art. The garden is famous for its amazing collection of cacti and its intense cobalt blue walls, known as “Majorelle Blue”

Blown glass vessels from the ‘Marrakech’ range combines swirls of intense “Majorelle Blue” against an equally eyecatching orange backdrop. The lively bands of colour work together beautifully.  The complex patterns of each of Peter’s blown glass vessels take on their own life, and this superb piece is no exception.

N.B. Each piece is unique and is hand blown and personally signed by Peter Layton.

Blown Glass Vessels Artist

It is hard to know where to start when you are beginning the biography of an internationally-renowned, living legend. When Boha Glass set up virtual shop in 2010, Peter Layton was one of those names that rang in your ear with a hallowed tone. Since first seeing his undulating, reef-coloured glass artistry we have been smitten, like love-struck teenagers.

Peter was born in Prague in 1937, but his family settled in Bradford after fleeing the Nazis when Peter was just two years old. He grew up in West Yorkshire and discovered his love of the Arts, in part, thanks to his grandfather.

His school encouraged his talent for art and he became good friends with David Hockney. Peter went on to Bradford Technical College to study textiles whilst working in the rag trade between classes. He then did his stint of National Service, followed by a year on a kibbutz, before linking back up with Hockney at Bradford College of Art.

Here he abandoned textiles and painting in favour of ceramics at the Central School of Art in London. However, whilst teaching ceramics at the University of Iowa, Peter fell in love with the medium of glass. While teaching there he met an acquaintance of the pioneering Studio Glass artist Harvey Littleton. Peter improved his skills of glass artistry, however after an initial explosion and a badly burnt hand, Peter nearly gave up glass blowing for good. Thankfully, he persevered and set up the London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery in 1976. This studio is now one of the world’s foremost glassmaking centres; bang in the middle of London. It is here, right in the heart of the city that Peter Layton produces these magnificent blown glass vessels from the ‘Marrakech’ series.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 11 cm


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