The Beauty of Bohemian Glass Vases

Besides Bohemian Glass vases, there are a slew of uninspired, clear factory-produced vases on the market that are not only boring and dull, but are also typically of an inferior quality and style.

When searching for the perfect vase to accentuate and enliven your personal space, a hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind Bohemian glass vase is a unique and vibrant alternative to shoddy mass-produced glassware that can energize and brighten any space it is placed in.

Handmade by traditionally trained glassblowers, they are an organic and vivid addition to your interior decor, strong enough to stand as an original piece by themselves, yet fluidly blending into an existing decor theme and not overpowering the view of other art.

Bohemian glass vases come in a vast array of energetic and uncommon designs, and finding one that is perfect for an attention-grabbing centrepiece or an alluring and timeless accent piece can be an exciting and fun process that lets you show off just that little bit of glass.

Due to the fact that Bohemian glass vases are handmade, you can find them in a range of styles, designs, colours and shapes to match any and all arraignments that are put into them.

From pure and crystal clear to a romantically inspired weave of colours and sheen, any type of floral bouquet can be emphasized and shown off through a well-selected and classy bohemian glass vase.

You can find these beautiful, original artworks in as demure or fantastical shapes as you can imagine, and an artisan-crafted, hand-blown Bohemian glass vase can become an heirloom that you will want to pass down through the ages.

All types of floral arrangements can be accentuated by a sharp and imaginative bohemian glass vase. The acuity and lustre of the glass help to bring out muted and drab tones, while not overpowering the natural beauty of the plants.

Glass ornaments vastly improve the look of a floral bouquet, while not stealing attention from other works of art placed around them creating an organic, fluid field of vision that is both pleasing and economical.

Adding a touch of class to your foyer or gallery is simple, by adding a touch of glass. So skip the factory-produced uniform glass, and look into an artisan-made Bohemian Glass vase.

The vast range of hand blown art glass vases we have here at Boha is pretty mind-boggling. We began specialising in Polish and Bohemian / Czech glass and have moved forward with glass vase artists from around the globe.

Whether you are looking for a piece of art glass for yourself, or for a friend or loved one, you can be sure to find something suitable in our online glass shop. There is definitely something to suit all tastes.

Boha also offer an art glass commissions service so if you find a piece you like, but would like it bigger, smaller or in a different colour then we can certainly help with that.

Glass vases have a long and illustrious history in English homes. Today’s glass vases are so beautiful, you sometimes might think that they are too beautiful to put flowers in!

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