Decorative Art Glass Bowl

Art Glass Bowls: Statement Pieces

Decorative Art Glass Bowl

Art glass bowls are decorative pieces that will look good when placed anywhere in the home.

Versatile and designed to add a special touch to your interior decor, the art glass bowl has many ways in which it can be used for home or office styling.

Beautiful Glass Decorative Bowls

The crystal bowl, for example, looks elegant when placed in the living room, either as a centrepiece or on a side table. The glass decorative bowls can be placed on shelves or along the walls for a simple but effective decorative touch. For plainer, clear glass bowls, you can add interest with potpourri, marbles, rocks, and flower petals. For these pieces, there is no wrong idea for what you can place inside your art glass bowls.

For more high-end crystal glass bowls, they will look amazing as a centrepiece in the living room as well and look best on their own. These pieces are so beautiful that it would be a shame to add anything inside them to detract from their beauty. Glass bowls for centrepieces add an enticing touch that can be repeated in many rooms of the home or office.

Handmade glass bowls are the best option for a luxuriant look. You can purchase decorative glass bowls that have been created by hand, rather than something that has been squeezed out en masse in a foreign factory. True handcrafted pieces look absolutely stunning, with fine attention to detail in each and every aspect of the bowl’s creation.

Large Decorative Glass Bowl
Multicoloured Glass

Glass looks absolutely amazing anywhere in your abode

Inside the kitchen, art glass bowls have a wide variety of positions to take on for an amazing touch of class. Add art glass bowls to the countertop for a quick and easy storage solution and decorative piece. Use the crystal glass bowls to store fruit on the table or for napkins and hand towels.

A sunny window sill is another great spot for a beautiful glass art bowl as it can capture and reflect the sunlight as it floods into the room.

Why not add a stand, and display your bowls in harmony with your home? A glass art bowl can be displayed on any shelf or inside a curio cabinet, but sometimes you want to display them at a certain angle, so a stand is an effective solution.

If you are looking for pieces that are flatter then consider a glass art platter – they are great for a centrepiece and are often too beautiful to use them for anything other than looking at!

There is nowhere inside the home that art glass bowls cannot be used to add style and design where it is needed most.   When you want to exemplify your home and add the most luxurious of decorations, make sure there are several glass decorative bowls throughout your home.

Glass decorative bowls are available to accommodate all budgets, all interests and all rooms in the home. Do not miss out on the chance to decorate your home with the style and charm that you desire. 

Here at Boha Glass, we have a wide range of glass bowls to suit all tastes. Please click on the link above to see our full collection.

There are a range of ways that our handmade glass bowls are created. We have blown and cast glass bowls. The bowls themselves are made from a variety of glass types, from crystal to optical glass and many others besides.

We do hope you find something you like.

Beautiful Glass Bowls

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