Glass Makers

A potted history of some of the greatest art glass makers from right across the globe. Roman right up to 21 century artists.

kralik glass

Kralik Glass: No Pale Imitator

Today, we take a dim view of imitation in the world of manufacturing. “Knockoffs” are branded unoriginal, uninspired, flimsier versions of the original. In the long-ago Kingdom of Bohemia, however, imitation truly flattered Loetz when Kralik glassworks decided to jump on the Jugendstil bandwagon in the late 1800s, mimicking the art glass techniques Loetz had…

sowerby glass dolphin bowl

Diamonds in the Rough: The Rise and Fall of Sowerby Glassworks

Carnival glass, famous for the iridescent oily-rainbow shimmer that dances colours wildly across its surface, was once one of the most popular forms of decorative glass on Earth, produced on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. It was beloved in the early 20th century not merely for emulating the more expensive iridescent blown glass of Tiffany…

Portland Vase by Wedgwood

Waterford Wedgwood: 250 Years of British Excellence

‘Wedgwood’ is a name that seldom needs further introduction; the word itself calls to mind elegance, the grace of scenes painted in delicate washes of cobalt blue, the translucence of fine china, white as bone, and the radiant prism of perfectly-cut crystal. Such is the legacy of Wedgwood’s astounding 250 year reign over the world…

loetz glass

Loetz Glass: Jewels of Bohemia – The Art Nouveau Glass of Loetz Witwe

The freedom of spirit and expression that is immediately called to mind when one hears the word “Bohemia”—gypsies traipsing through wild lands in colourful dress, eschewing the trappings of money and classism to embrace music and adventure—is a natural fit with the principles of Art Nouveau, which championed a return to nature in its embrace…

caithness glass

Caithness Glass: Highland Magic

Writing habitually about art glass and the history thereof is an experience that frequently mingles awe with a touch of sadness. The delicate beauty, intricate details, and sheer creativity that can be seen in so many great works of glass is enough to both take one’s breath away and to instil a renewed appreciation for…

poisons decorative glass bowls

Decorative Glass Bowls: Rene Lalique

During the years that preceded World War 2 (roughly from 1920-1945), Rene Lalique’s glassmaking venture was at its zenith. The native of Marne, France, who first rose to prominence as a revolutionary creator of Art Nouveau styled jewelry, had moved on to pioneer Art Deco styled glass. His designs took the world by storm, and…

Stuart Crystal Factory

Stuart Crystal: The Shape of an Era

I have always found crystal to be uniquely magical, with its intricate facets breaking light into little shards of the rainbow, but I had little concept of where or how it was made until recently. As near as we can ascertain, crystal owes its origins to man’s desire to imitate nature, in essence; taking cues…

isle of wight glass

Isle of Wight Glass

Isle of Wight Glass has a special place in my heart and I have been collecting pieces  for some years now. I started collecting Mdina Glass and then discovered Michael Harris’s Isle of Wight Glass and just adored its seventies space-like decor. The majority of my Isle of Wight Glass pieces were bought in auctions…

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