Daniel Stepanek Handmade Glass Vase

New Bohemian Glass – Direct from Bohemia

New Bohemian Glass stock has arrived from our studio glass artist in Bohemia – Daniel Stepanek.

Our new Bohemian Range harks back to the early days of studio glass artistry but with a new metallic twist.

Stepanek VaseBohemia has a long and illustrious history in hand-blown glass production and Bohemia glass is renowned around the world.

Its illustrious history dates back to the early 13th century when the pioneers of the Bohemian Art Glass movement discovered all the raw materials required for producing ebullient glass. They discovered a mix that produced sturdy glass to give the Italian Glass monopoly a run for its money.

It wasn’t long, after further innovations such as the cutting wheel before the name Bohemian Glass was on the lips of King and Presidents, Earls and Entrepreneurs all across Europe.

This well-deserved reputation has lasted down the centuries and even today, modern Bohemia Glass, from the Czech Republic is some of the most tantalising art glass that graces the world stage.
There are some names that have burned themselves into the psyche of the Elite and have come to represent the ideal of art glass across the world. Names such as Moser scream elegance from every facet.

Bohemian Glass as an investment.

The nouveau riche of China has developed a taste for this delectable art form. They have been making large purchases from well-known names across Europe. These are savvy moves as investing in the art glass market can give a return of 20% per year or more. Far better than we are getting from any bank or ISA at the moment.

Whether you are buying Bohemian Art Glass to indulge and enjoy, or you are making a concerted effort to build up a collection of fine art for the future, then we hope to bring you some of the most opulent yet affordable pieces of Bohemia Glass that we can.

Please see our shop for images of our new Bohemian glass – Brought to you direct from Czech by Boha Glass.

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