Glass Vessels

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Unlike the glass bowl with its wide aperture, and the glass vase with its modest opening, glass vessels tend to be more restricted around the neck. First and foremost, because they were used to carry liquids in far more a dainty a way than the flagons reserved for the frothy nonsense of ales. Glass vessels were probably used to fill Clepoatra’s bath with asses’ milk and pour the hot, medicinal waters of Bath down the backs of Roman dignitaries.

Nowadays glass vessels are still finely crafted in the foothills of Bohemia to produce deliciously colourful decanters, and they are also used purely for decorative purposes. The opening might be a small fissure, with no thought of ever carrying anything within such a fair and beautiful thing.

Glass vessels are used to create interest atop mantels and bookcases and are used to decorate the high windows and ledges of hotels and offices. They make great centrepieces and work well in twos or threes of slightly different shapes and sizes.

Enjoy the subtle hues of the modern glass art vessel with a raft of choices from our talented stable of glass artists. Each one is handmade to order and signed by the artist.

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