Art Glass Designers – Remigijus Kriukas

Art Glass Designers, Remigijus Kriukas

​”If we were to name one artist who is the most visible and most respected glass celebrity in Lithuania today, it would certainly be Remigijus Kriukas. The main reason is his great knowledge of what glass is capable of, the extraordinary and irreproducible qualities that distinguish it from other materials.” – Dr Milan Hlaves, Head Curator of Glass and Ceramics Collection, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

Remigijus Kriukas glass artist from Lithuania, has been a central figure in the East European art glass scene for the last 30 years.  He sets a very high standard in glass artistry, and his work is highly collectible.

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Remigijus was born in 1961 in Panevezys, Lithuania. He graduated from The Lithuanian State Institute of Fine Art in 1985 with a speciality in glass art. Remigijus then put his newly acquired skills to use as a designer with, Panevezio Stiklas JSC. It was during this time that he worked for three months on the Bornholm Island, Denmark. Art Glass Designers and glass masters Charlie Maeker ( “Snogebaek glashutte” studio ) and Pete Hunner ( “Baltic Sea Glass” studio ) were his mentors and he refined his unique skills as a glass artist.

Since 1985, Remigijus has been presenting his work globally through exhibitions and museums. As far as the USA and China audiences are concerned regarding his remarkable work.

Over the years, Remigijus has picked up a large number of accolades. In 2006, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists Award awarded Remigijus with a Professional certificate and knight‘s of profession mark, “For the glorification of the country in various exhibitions

Remigijus’s vision
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Ever observant of his surroundings and the daily hum of life. Remigijus sees the world as a glass form and draws from it. His inner eye presents a vision, which derives an amazing glass concept, that is then created, and another piece of phenomenal Glass art or sculpture is born.

Remigijus has a separate site for his larger, more sculptural work.

Remigijus is a highly regarded art glass designer. His work is stylish and very modern with a wide and eclectic mix of pieces to suit all tastes. From pretty glass ornaments to strong ultra modern almost masculine paperweights, he has created a wide range of styles.


In 2000, ‘Glasremis’ was born. Remigijus’s own studio of Glass Design. Located in Panevezys, Remigijus is today creating beautiful unique glass art for all. His work includes a wide array of ornaments and sculptures of intricate beauty. While his corporate gifts are popular right across Europe.

Some of his glass crystal paperweights are unfathomable in their complexity, and some of the contortions he makes the bubbles perform are truly mind-boggling. His own crystal formula is a closely guarded secret, and very fine it is too.

Art glass designers such as Remigijus have an inherent eye for glass, and his playful side can be seen in many of his pieces.

With over 30 years in the glass-making business, Remigijus Kriukas has set a very high standard in glass artistry. His work is widely admired and he has garnered fans across many continents.

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