Unique Glass Ornaments by Jablonski

Unusual glass Ornaments

The last few unique glass ornaments ever made by Adam Jablonski have been purchased by us from a Dutch firm. They had bought some fine, unique glass ornaments from the studio in the last days of Adam’s tenure before he closed the doors and retired.

Many of these glass ornaments are one-offs; they are totally unique, with nothing similar to them. Some of them were part of his known range of shapes, and we have added them to the collection we already have online.

For those of you looking for a glass ornament to purchase as a solid art glass investment, we would highly recommend these one of a kind glass ornaments. They are of the finest quality and are your last opportunity to own a brand-new Jablonski.

Glass Ornaments’ Valuations

We receive many requests for valuations for Jablonski art glass ornaments but these often depend on where you sell them and where you are when you sell them. Knowledge of Jablonski is different across the world, and some glass art markets are a lot stronger than others. The Corning Museum has a collection of Jablonski, but you may find some of his work at glass fairs.

The second-hand finer pieces are not coming onto the market, and so we have been doing a brisk trade in these new Jablonski glass ornaments. Our biggest customers are interior decorators and people who are looking for fine art glass to decorate their homes with.

The one-off pieces have received rave reviews from our customers, and our clients have been delighted with both the purity of the Polish crystal and the delightful colouration. Adam could produce glass ornaments in any colour he chose, and this is reflected in the deep hues embedded within the glass.

There are still some superb pieces left in our shop, and we have not held back any stock to sell in a few years at a massive profit. It is all online and all yours for the taking – enjoy!

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